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Andy Phelps w/ Nick

Dec 3, 2013|

Andy's story is amazing. His sense of humor through it all is amazing!


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All right thank -- 100 point seven wolf right now I normally don't do book reviews on my show that's not my thing but I was really moved by -- Phelps story and he has a quadriplegic who is injured in a car accident years ago. I heard about a podcast section that I listen to every day back from my hometown Grand Rapids, Michigan the -- -- and how we shall. And to protect those guys out -- -- exact count this story about a guy who's been through something that most of us cannot even imagine and still greats like every single day with a smile on his face. And an incredible sense of humor Andy and I are both from Michigan the new book is titled it never rants and he joins me now and he felt with our brother -- -- and. And then I'm doing great. I don't know I think I start every day with a smile. But I tried to. I have you ever been to Seattle by the legislature ethnic. I happen I then the furthest west and Islam. I've -- LA I don't waffle irons -- I'm. I've never been to to north west. America and a friend that -- -- school in Portland and I always wanted to go visit but I just I never end that I in the country and it makes me jet. Oh did I love the northwest is obviously being from Michigan it's it's like the -- similar except we don't get any snow out here so just bottoms -- fifty in the -- I love that. Solid gap that's -- yet -- also know what the letters aren't as. I would be here in Florida and -- in mind acting the snow per year. Know who they -- and and -- again the new book is it never ends any tickets if you wouldn't mind back to before your injury what types of things did you enjoy doing as an able bodied person before you got hurt. Well I I was really active. -- you can lately I'm sure. That. You know and then recommend that -- I'm happy certain bomb. Work ethic. You know that we take a -- well I didn't sleep I know I do not what I was raised himself I was raised effort to spill. So I was always either working. Whether it was what war game or working and I can't machine shop. Or an icon artwork -- -- motorcycle. I jungle. -- -- -- -- -- -- Street -- ball because that's off the -- Deny it if it's not dangerous don't -- that's not the captain Matt vehemently football. Please act as well when I was really active in not. In -- was it was a really good. Opportunity sixteen. And and the accident happened and I'm very don't want spoke too much of the book but can you take us basically briefly through what happened in the in the car wreck that left you injured. Yeah well. You know what one of the outside of -- being so active and act and you know being an appeal it. Is that when you're sixteen you really know better and -- -- and friend and I were driving. Record recklessly. I -- -- dirt road just. Just kind for the ultimate and and -- blocker wrote it and on an airline that unfortunately to a -- friends died in. It was just it was a real tragic. I have real tragedy for our community from Italy and and it was. Just a lot. A lot to overcome. And suddenly you're never had that you know you would you of course -- -- never mentioned that looked. And I heard you talking about I heard you talking and another interview to that did that actually come down to which see you chose to sit in in the car wasn't there some shuffling of seats. It's yeah an album. VI. Of course you -- -- when you're exporters sixteen we wanted to be cool so we we thought he smoked cigarettes. Yeah I get it up smoking -- hockey season. And sell that determined to where it sat in the car because -- wanted to win doesn't work is and I ended up smoking in the wind that's. A minority I was not a teenager. And the and the other guy where I bet that was that was sitting where I am. I was initially sitting unfortunately perished so it down to a very. I mean I'm what keeper for every -- IK. And her resentment and a. Man what a what a positive way to look at that again and Phelps and you can get the full story of of all this in the book it never ends we'll get to a cool deal on that book by the way and and how you can purchase -- coming up another story I loved was you and you have to call your best friend from the hospital and tell him to get rid of something in your bedroom can you take mr. Eric at. Yeah. Wouldn't let. When -- suffered spinal cord injury this swelling in his. The swelling and is what is most damaging and. I'm here and are now I can talk in back in my arms and -- the movement at that time. I couldn't move at all that was contraction. Could talk and couldn't believe it. Articulate -- And as I recovered whenever hurtful I'll admit it of course was my best friend and I'm and I say it at all. I need help and I got an important -- -- detrimental commentary. Let's -- cleared out and of course you wouldn't get so. Oh like how it. Incredible man incredible. Yeah I cited. What add. It to you were like that's our bill. You know -- -- you'd think about but you don't really think -- you know and so. Kelly I didn't scattered throughout so it's -- are worried that you do you -- I I am not a good reader. Sol what I wrote a record audience like minded. Just like a regular person we're talk probably. Yeah yeah and yeah and great news. -- at very I will only say it's it's like. You know it's like I'm reading it Sudan so it's very much like -- when you -- here at the thought of it and only quite well. And Phelps again the book is and never ends and -- a great deal going on Amazon what what is this again tell tell listeners there. Yeah well because and now -- can not remember that time but will be available on Kindle currently 99 cents. So that sort of I didn't know what I would regularly caught. On 1617 dollars and let me I sent it -- quite a deal. I'm I'm doing. You know not. Not just because. I want to. -- you know -- awareness and in the weather risk. Of the book but because I want our people take note this story that you read the story and not let it be affordable for our group. So for a limited time to be available for 99 cents or they can -- download. And your are your brother kind do you tell your story a little bit in as short film called juggling time working people see that by the way is that on have on FaceBook -- -- is that fantastic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- which is also act will think YouTube. I -- -- help got Matt -- they get access my blog if they want if you wanted to get it and I write I don't got maybe five or six different blog quote from from the years perhaps. Bad guys that are that are humorous and and you just get good insight as to. My voice as the Ryder. And real quick man just I mean you know subsidized in closing here and I out of curiosity something I've sort of wondered I guess who's just. How how long after the injury before you regain this you know the sense of humor where you can laugh -- -- I -- I I imagine it was a right away there had to be a period of anger or sadness. Well yeah afterwards. There was definitely anger and sadness and ground. And depression but I I have been -- with an amazing and link and it got eight Brothers and sisters all -- look nearly. My parents are amazing. You know they they are at record and can't go I well I will not eat your side in my -- lyrically. Stay through. Stay in hospital with me -- 120 by Kay. Krill. Which I think that at the end was. Pollack was you know percentage and tribal -- Record humor never never really I'm really glad. -- you you know aborted. -- -- Haven't you don't have a good outlook -- night and have a good personality and even though there there were times that morning at times and hasn't and I and it definitely got machines. You know Turkish humor is just. -- you you've got Q you've got a sense humor and otherwise there's. I think Einstein was an independent stated that it would put up act it is not -- the depths in -- And I don't go beyond. Any doubt that by -- Sabina and I think I think that. Tragedy plus time equals comedy. And so everything can be left. And it did and I just just what early times. Added there you're an inspiration and I noticed over a funny word here but I manages it makes you smile here in a story in a way that you do everything in it the book is. Fantastic everybody that reads it loves it it's great -- it's called it never -- 99 cents right now on Amazon's or get it right let's -- -- man. -- I appreciated that and not op -- in any rebuke that it was honored for -- good -- they're bat is that we use target so. So so please. Just you know I appreciate everything you know -- anti -- -- yet.

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